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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – This week, for the first time ever, the NASDAQ Composite went over 6,000.

 It’s not just this index, but the whole stock market is on a tear.

 If you bought into the NASDAQ a year ago, you’d get a 22% return on your money.

 The whole stock market in general is up 16%.

 It’s clear, over the past 5 years, the tech heavy NASDAQ  has done well.

 The Amazons, Googles and Apples have been excelling lately.

 With all the political and economic uncertainty, terrorism, taxes, the stock market as a whole has been performing well. 

 If you’ve been on the sidelines, you’ve missed out on some great gains.

The lesson from financial advisor Rick Reagan is that you need to be in the market even if you’re uncomfortable about things.