Money in Your Pocket: A soaring French stock market – Story – WSYR

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – There is an old financial saying that the market climbs a wall of worry.

Financial advisor Rick Reagan says the current stock run up in France is a good example of this. 

Look at what they’ve dealt with over the past year:  social unrest, terrorism and a risky election. 

Despite all of this, the French stock market has gained 33% over the past year. 

The French stocks were so cheap that only a bit of good news sent the French market rising. 

The key is that you don’t want to invest in a spot that’s had the run up and done good.  You want to look for spots that are run down and just less bad news can help things go up. 

Rick Reagan thinks European markets still have room to go.