Stock Market Hits Another High, But Will It Last? – AgWeb

Call it a triple threat—the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Nasdaq Composite have hit all-time highs, making it the 40th time the Dow has hit record all-time highs.

Some might wonder if this impressive pace is signaling an overdone stock market. Chris Narayanan, president and CEO of Gladius Aratrum isn’t seeing any indication that this trend will backslide any time soon.

According to Narayanan, low interest rates, earnings growth through cost cutting and a reversal in unemployment rates have stimulated the economy.

As for if he thinks the stock money will spill into commodity markets, he thinks it’s a possibility, but he’s not sure when.

“Growing through demand is a long, arduous process,” said Narayanan. “Will it happen over the next few years? Yes. Do I expect that to happen tomorrow? No. Anywhere in between is anybody’s guess.”

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