Diary of a private investor: 'I'm still bullish about the stock market – but more cautious than before' – Telegraph.co.uk

Last year the stock market was dominated by worry. Some people fretted about Brexit and some were filled with dread about the risk of an extreme Left-wing government coming to power.

Yet despite all the fear and uncertainty, shares rose. The FTSE 100, laden with multinationals, did moderately well but the FTSE 250, which contains a higher proportion of purely British firms, had a really good year, rising by 14.7pc.

For me, with a heavily Britain-oriented portfolio, the year was a vintage one and my portfolio rose by 27.5pc. But in fact my biggest gains were in two companies that do business in China: Griffin Mining, which extracts zinc and other metals, and KWG Property, quoted in Hong Kong, which builds blocks of flats. 

Their share prices both more than doubled in 2017. I had stuck with them for more years than I can remember and have mentioned them in this diary several times, so it is…