Rewind Repeat Rewind Win

Hello everyone,

and it is getting a little too easy to make money isn’t it.

Well, it should be for all of us. All it takes, is to step back a little and see the big picture for what it really is.

No, not the media one, or the one or any of your screens. The picture you see when you step back a little further. Where some event with some truth to it, is exaggerated beyond all reason to that of “calamity headlines”. Only in the end to be seen for what it was all along…

another case of BEARS WITH NO FUR!

Not that attractive a sight to be sure. Bears with no fur. Ugly creatures really. Yet, their clever pretenses, sometimes lasting days, or in some cases years, as the false far mongers of interest rate hikes would have had us believe, and more recently the exaggerated opportunity to use that most powerful of fear triggering words, war, all in the end can be taken advantage of quite successfully. These are great opportunities.


The bizarre fear levels reached in recent weeks, are of course as we have been sharing all along in real time, just another grand fiction. All designed precisely to engender fear. With no regard to true values.

It is not an organised conspiracy. This cycle of story tellers and the media driving fear into peoples hearts, to make them sell the market lower, only for the large investment banks and funds to take advantage and buy at extraordinary value levels. Though it may well still be a conspiracy of sorts. For the benefits to all involved are clear.

Why is it, that we bulls are so constantly asked for justification of our “bizarre” views, when one need only look at the price action to do the talking. Providing all the justification that could ever be asked. The bears run amok with their fictional horror stories, while the steady builders of upward wealth are maligned on stage, in the theater of television and social media.

Brokerage incomes of the big players require volatility, and those same very players are the big buyers of advertising space in the media.  Fear drives volatility. It is not hard to do the math.

This is the real reason I have been telling clients and readers around the world to buy into the market yet again in recent weeks. Trade tariff conflict between the US and China and Europe is a reality. The outcome however, has always going to be, in the end, a better system for the US after more formal negotiations have taken place. Just has recently occurred between President Trump and European Com

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mission President Jean-Claude Juncker. It may be taking longer and is a little more problematic with China, but this is exactly the end game we see playing out there too. How can these improved trade situations be seen as negative for US stocks? Of course they are in the end, with the resolution that will come, powerful buy signals.

We have said this over recent weeks, but what is most valuable to you I believe, is to recognise that this “trade wars”, “star wars” as I called it last week, episode in our trading and investment lives, is just a mere re-run of the same tried and proven method to get most retail investors to sell valuable assets, from stocks to even property at bargain basement levels. Upon which others feed, and all the while, the investment banks reap profits from the brokerage income spikes generated. Quite a significant transfer of wealth from the less rich to the far richer.

If you recognise this quite real big picture pattern, you can beat them.

You can win.

Clifford Bennett

We keep saying Tech when others fear it!

It is quite clear that buying recent dips in the technology sector has been very productive. One of my constant mantras for the past 10 years in stocks generally, has been to think “bottom of the future range”. Certainly not to keep highlighting the market or a stock is at the top of the recent or indeed historic range. This is to look backward. We look forward, to where there is no chart, just empty space, and we envision.

Imagination is the most powerful aspect of our human existence. It works in both creation, and understanding a future that does not yet exist. In this way, we are able to be bold and buy where others have feared to buy. It is a commitment based in sound fundamental understanding of the reality of the prosperity age in which we find ourselves. That has worked so very well for so many years.

Imagination, combined with cutting edge technology, executed with passion, is a powerful force indeed. Dare I say force for good.

We have been bullish Walt Disney for all this time, for these basic reasons of human endeavor and the clear capability that already exists in such a company. Walt Disney is one of the most advanced technology companies in the world. As well as one of the most recognized brands on the planet. As they continue to marry the two successfully, both imagination and technology, they will remain a formidable force.



We keep it simple and in line with the real fundamental forces of the day. Just keep buying.



Clifford Bennett