Top Trader Spotlight: Next Generation Covesting Traders Beat 4,000% In Monthly Profit

Competition between top traders from all over the globe who gather on the platform for its innovative profit opportunities, do battle via risk management and regular ROI, trying to earn the top spot or a five-star rating.

Those with the most significant stats move up the ranks and attract more followers, further causing revenue flow to grow exponentially. And while that’s one part of how Strategy Manager grows capital on Covesting, the rest is up to their skillset.

In our latest top trader spotlight, we’re looking at three of the highest-ranked Covesting traders currently. Disclaimer: Because of how active the leaderboards are and with crypto markets so volatile, the list very well might have changed by the time you’re reading this.

Top Ranked Trader Highlighted For Unbelievable 4,000% Total Profits

Currently, the supreme trader in the number one spot is SBOtradre, who has maintained a top position on the leaderboards for some time.

This clearly skilled trader has amassed a staggering 4200% ROI and is still climbing. Despite having a leadership slot for several weeks now, they’re still a relative newcomer to the platform and part of the next generation of Covesting traders.

SBOtradre’s tactics might be on the riskier side, however, hence the one-star rating. Covesting’s five-star reading system awards additional stars for maintaining specific risk and success standards, such as a certain level of margin allocation.

Right On Their Tails Is The Runner Up With 1,000% ROI

Next up in the ranks of the fully transparent global leaderboards is Alpha Stone. Alpha Stone is a prime example of a trader who was struggling with a losing streak, only to stage an incredible comeback.

Alpha Stone started their Strategy on the Covesting copy trading module in the red but almost immediately was able to turn things around, and with the gained confidence, kept on climbing from there.

Now, their ROI has reached a whopping 1,000%, making themselves and their followers serious bank on their Bitcoin investment.

Newcomer Rises To Third Spot, Sets Sights On The Top

In the third spot is ManLui, and out of all of the Covesting Strategy Managers present the best example of how quickly incredible profits can be made using PrimeXBT’s advanced trading tools.

Their journey into superstardom started just earlier in March. Within just a handful of weeks, they were able to reach the number three spot with a 910% total profit. And with such an upward trajectory, this trader is sure to make a run for number one.

Also notable is the fact that in only 26 active days of trading, this Strategy Manager was able to attract 353 followers, each of which ManLui is earning a portion of the success fees from, further pushing them to perform at their very best.

It is this type of synergy that makes Covesting copy trading especially attractive to the greater trading community.

All About Covesting Copy Trading On PrimeXBT

Covesting copy trading has become one of the hottest trends in crypto because those with serious skills can make even more money. At the same time, those who aren’t quite ready to trade themselves can profit from markets now without learning the ropes by copying the trades of these high-ranked traders.

The experience and profitability can be further enhanced with the COV utility token, an ERC-20 token native to the Covesting platform. Strategy Managers can lower trading fees, while followers can avoid entry fees and get a more significant profit share overall by using COV.

Covesting copy trading is currently available exclusively at PrimeXBT, an award-winning CFD trading platform, offering crypto, forex, commodities, and stock indices. All of the more than 50 assets are available to traders on Covesting, helping to maximize profit opportunities for the trading community.