Poll plank: Parties’ sops for traders

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NEW DELHI:  From promising to end ‘inspector raj’ to exempt all licences for factories, open sealed shops and provide amicable solutions for the parking menace in major markets, all three major political parties – AAP, BJP and Congress – have been making all out efforts to woo lakhs of traders in the city. The parties claimed that they have considered traders’ representation in ticket distribution, so that their issues could be resolved on a priority basis.

The AAP leaders claim traders have to face a lot of problems on behalf of MCD. Business issues have also been included in Kejriwal’s 10 guarantees and when the party will come to power in the corporation, there will be freedom from inspector raj. AAP leaders, during their election campaign, have been promising that the markets will be beautified, and there will be a permanent and practical solution to the parking problem. Besides, this conversion fee and parking fee will also be abolished.

AAP leaders said that sealed businesses will be opened and the process of granting all types of licences will be moved to online. Street vendors will be freed from extortion and bribes. “The party has given tickets to more than 30 businessmen this time as more than 1,000 traders had applied for tickets for corporation elections. Trade wing of the party has planned back-to-back 100 meetings with traders to understand their needs in view of upcoming MCD elections,” the leaders said.

Aiming to turn traders in its favour, the BJP has promised to free traders from ‘inspector raj’, exempt all licences for factories and provide large and modern parking facilities at major markets. It claimed that the BJP has always supported traders and worked to solve their problems. “Traders remember the 2006 sealing drive well, when the Delhi BJP agitated against sealing of businesses and many BJP workers even went to jail. We will make the licensing process easier for lakhs of traders. Whether it is unauthorised or approved, and commercial or not, trade licensing process will be moved to online at all places,” said a senior BJP leader.

The Congress is also leaving no stone unturned to get support of traders which were the vote bank of the party for a long period. The traders have also released their charter claiming that since 2006 they are facing the brunt of sealing and demolition and about 10,000 shops are still lying sealed. They said even after paying crores for parking and conversion charges, no sufficient parking lots have been developed. 

Will end inspector raj, say parties

BJP promises to free traders from ‘inspector raj’, exempt all licenses for factories and provide large and modern parking facilities at major markets.

This election season, the party has amplified its anti-sealing stand and agitation undertaken during the 2006 sealing drive 

In its 10 guarantees to traders, AAP has pledged to erase ‘inspector raj’, to abolish of conversion and parking fees

AAP also proposes beautification of markets, freeing street vendors from extortion and bribes

Traders speak

  • 10,000 – shops lying sealed from 2006 
  • Traders’ bodies released a charter claiming that since 2006 they are facing the brunt of sealing and demolition 
  • No sufficient parking developed even after paying crores on conversion and parking charges, traders say