I Have a Confession to Make…

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I Have a Confession to Make…

Dear Reader,

I have a confession to make.

I hate it when I have to make this kind of confession, but my dedication to honesty is more important to me than my ego.

Here it is…

I had to close a trade in Options360 without a profit.

I know, I constantly tell you that not every trade is a winner, but that’s in theory.

This is in real life.

Here is the alert I sent this morning:

BA is now threatening the put side of the position.

I don’t want to risk a big drop going into expiration.

Let’s close this for what will be around breakeven.

That’s the way the game is played.

Yes, not every trade is a winner – but with proper trade management we avoid (or minimize) any losses.

High probability trades and proper trade management, that’s how we have been up for 7 years in a row (as high as 123% in a single year!)…

And equally as important – we have buried our benchmark, the S&P, every year.

I expect this year to be another record year…

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To Your Success,